Project management

Partner institution: Trakai Educational Assistance Authority, Lithuania, Trakai
Name of Contact Person: Rasa Ragažinskienė
Date of the event: 2016-11-08
Type of Dissemination event:

Educational Events for children

Held in:Trakai (Lithuania)
Target group:Trakai kindegarten ,,Lakelet" (orig. ,,Ežerėlis") children (from 4 to 6 years)
Number of people reached by event:65
Description of Dissemination Event:Project researchers from Trakai education assistance authority on 8th of November ,,Europe Health Nutrition Day" mentioned in Trakai, Lithuania. The first event of the project took place in the kindergarden, where 55 kids participated (from 4 to 6 years). During the event kids had different tasks. They participated in taste training, guessed the quantity of sugar in Coca - Cola drinks and gummies, listened to a fairy tale about healthy nutrition, were reminded about the food pyramid, were supposed to recognize healthy and unhealthy products and discussed why it is important to eat healthy food.
Outcomes and Results:Impact the child education, behaviour, educational activities for children during Europe Health Nutrition Day related with Health, Nutrition.
Supporting Documents:

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