Project management

Partner institution: Foundation for development of the cultural BPOCS, Bulgaria, Sofia
Name of Contact Person: Zornitsa Staneva and Miglena Molhova
Date of the event: 2018-05-15
Type of Dissemination event:

National Meeting

Held in:Vidin, Bulgaria
Target group:teachers from schools and kindergartens
Number of people reached by event:10
Description of Dissemination Event:A multiplier event was organized for representatives of the project target groups in the city of Vidin. A number of students joined the event as well, encouraged by their teachers, but the number we are specifying here are only those, who can take the most immediate advantage of the project results.
Outcomes and Results:10 practitioners - teachers from 1 school and 1 kindergarten - obtained the project results and provided their evaluations.
Supporting Documents: