Metodik materyal

Methodological material for health education in kindergartens, pre-primary and primary schools is one of the results of Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic partnership project HealthEDU.

6 European countries, 7 institutions (partners) were involved in the production of the material. Every country has cultural particularities, different experience in the working area and, in some cases, also different working ways in teaching healthy nutrition. Therefore, joined experience, discussions and sharing of good practices led to the production of this methodical material.

This book is full of theoretical information and practical activities, which will help teachers and parents develop and improve children’s Healthy Nutritional Habits.

While developing this material, authors always kept in mind one of the project target groups, which is children between 4 and 10 years old and as well as the other very important target group, which encompasses the rest of the community within the educational institutions, surrounding the children, i.e. pedagogues, parents or family members, kitchen staff, nutrition specialists, educational institution’s staff and in general adults, who educate children or have/could have influence on their education.

Teams of professionals from different countries created this material, which is expected, first of all, to be helpful to:

  • educators/pedagogues in kindergartens, pre-primary schools, primary schools;
  • parents, and educators who work or wish to work in the field of nutrition literacy development or kids’ education in this field.
  • personnel who prepare food in educational institutions and wish that the food would healthy, would be made in a health friendly way, would be well presented and tasty.

Moreover, this book is meant for everyone who is interested in an innovative teaching methodology of health friendly nutrition development. The methodological book also presents the practical exercises, training examples, gives tips and provides educational games, which help children to grow as conscious users in the healthy nutrition area from an early age.

We hope that everyone will find the information in this book useful for herself/himself and that it will be a starting step in one’s further development. 

Enjoy the time while reading!

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