Project management

Partner institution: Trakai Educational Assistance Authority, Lithuania, Trakai
Name of Contact Person: Rasa Ragažinskienė
Date of the event: 2018-02-23
Type of Dissemination event:

Article in newspaper

Held in:Trakai
Target group:Public
Number of people reached by event:2500
Description of Dissemination Event:Publication of a short article about project HealthEDU second meeting in Valencia, Spain. Published in Trakai district newspaper ,,Trakai Land" (orig. ,,Trakų Žemė"), n°8 (1006), 23rd February, 2018, named ,,The representatives of the Pedagogical Psychological Service met with partners of the project "HealthEDU" ".
Outcomes and Results:Reporting of the second meeting of the project in Valencia, Spain.
Supporting Documents:

Traku_zeme_2018 02 23 (dragged).pdf