Testimonials (Feedback)

  • Feedback from partners:

"It was an experience one of the best seeing the projects. Great team, very high interest from the educational institutions from partners countries and not only (as the project activities and results were shared during international meetings, conferences, the participants showed a big interest), very high impact on personal, institutional level also visible impact on national and international levels." (Lithuania, Project coordinator)

"The HealthEdu project impacted on Pixel's capability to develop interesting and sustainable contacts with kindergartens, pre-primary and primary schools, dieticians, teachers in food education and physical education. In order, Pixel took a solid advantage from making use the results of the project to improve its capacity to answer to the training needs of the involved target groups." (Team from Italy)

"During the educational activities where the parents actively participated with their children, the parents seem to be equally absorbed in the activities. They expressed a desire for a continuation of these types of session through a series of similar healthy eating learning activities. This showed that, even though the activities were designed for young children, the educational value is relevant for all ages." (Team from Bulgaria)

"I think I am one of those people, who most benefited from these trainings as I always suffer from the eating habits of both my kids and students :). The training in the project and activities we developed gave me new visions on how to prepare and promote health friendly dishes and especially how to serve it. I saw that even the simplest dishes can be extremely attractive with simple touches of decoration and topping." (Turkey, Project Researcher, manager)

"As the Provincial Directorate of Education in Kayseri, we believe that we will be able to provide the trainers and teachers at our schools with useful experience, efficient materials and new ways of thinking. Not only within the project cycle but also after the project is completed we will have strong grounds to improve child nutrition." (Team from Turkey)

"The children participated very actively and with great enthusiasm in all the activities; they got completely involved in every game and activity. As we were moving through the activities, the children seemed to gradually come to a deeper understanding of the notion of healthy nutrition and healthy eating. We were pleased to see that the activities were so engaging and interesting that the children learned and gained knowledge effortlessly – simply by having fun." (Team from Spain)

"At the end of every session of the seminars and educational events the teachers expressed their satisfaction with the activities and confirmed the impression we got from the children - that it was indeed something more than just a lesson; the lively and interactive nature of the activities helped the children use their imagination and enter the ‘world of healthy eating." (Team from Lithuania)

"At the meeting with parents at one of the kindergartens to inform them about the project, they were very keen for their children to participate. All these positive reactions are encouraging and show us the way to go and work with the involved target groups." (Team from Bulgaria)

"Kayseri İl Milli Eğitim Müdürlüğü is the authorized public institution responsible for the education of more than 200 hundred thousand students with its 19000 teachers. Among these, there are around 100 pre-primary teachers offering preschool education for kids. Moreover, the relation between nutrition and health made it compulsory to teach the young individuals healthy nutritional habits in order to prevent the potential diseases that may develop during the adulthood. Our organization, feeling and believing this necessity, improved its capacity in terms of providing its trainers and teachers tangible materials that they can use at educational institutions. This capacity is a direct result of HealthEDU project. With that said, we observe the improved communication and focus on health related issues at pre-primary and primary schools. This impact will not be limited to only these kind of schools but also it will be spread to other educational institutions." (Team from Turkey)

"The trainers, teachers and administrators from our beneficiary schools have been declaring their pleasure to attend this project. The activities carried out under the project, specially the celebration of educational events, changed trainers, teachers and administrators’ visions and understanding about the food. They state that they have been focusing on how to organize their school kitchens with the health-friendly food principles. Even this point is alone enough to demonstrate how a project topic can turn a small snowball into a rolling and getting bigger snowball. We believe that the project will spark new ideas for different implementations at their organizations." (Team from Greece)


  • Feedback from teachers:
Sense of community: “Pupils had the opportunity to start developing a sincere, creative and enthusiastic consciousness on topics like health and nutrition". (Italy)
Sense of community: “That is what the HealthEdu project allowed me to touch, since I found a collaboration and a dialogue that involved everyone indiscriminately: teachers, nutritionists, administrative staff, parents and the children who have all been working together in the project activities, each one with own contribution, knowledge and enthusiasm". (Italy)
Against stereotypes: “Looking at children who are so involved and so enthusiastic about topics so theoretically distant from the image we usually have about them (children do not like vegetables and prefer to eat junk food) is the most important result of the project”. (Italy)
Visibility: “It would be appropriate to give greater visibility to the teaching activities where it is possible to involve children on issues like health and food. Many teachers from other schools and other countries could take inspiration for them”. (Italy)

"I worked under the project with great enthusiasm. I like to create various games and activities, to prepare presentations for the various types of foods and to present them to the children. I managed to include parents as well, which is a great achievement. The children were really interested and had fun. I am certain that there will be effect. With great pleasure I will work also on future projects." (Bulgaria, teacher in kindergarten n. 30 in Varna)

"To me, as a teacher, it was really interesting. I joined with great willingness. The students participated actively, received a lot of valuable information, important for their nutrition. We all know that this topic is always important, because it is related to our health. We will continue working in this direction! We are happy that we worked with people like you! I remained charged by the conference in Varna. This is the right way!" (Bulgaria, teacher at secondary school "Lyuben Karavelov", Dobrich)

  • Feedback from nutritionists:
Dialogue: “Lately, the topic of food at school in Italy has been at the center of the debate but - unfortunately - not in the most constructive possible way. By now, anyone with an internet connection believes to be a nutritionist. The HealthEdu project has certainly allowed us to get closer to the parents, giving them the opportunity to touch the professional work behind nutrition at school”. (Italy)
"I personally had an opportunity to compare the ongoing school food preparation implementations in different countries. It added to my professional career as I train Child Development Students at a VET center. Moreover, the trainings really changed my perspective to food decoration which makes the food attractive, an important point to help the fussy eater kids. I believe a lot can be changed in organizations through such trainings. Also, the chance to share and exchange experiences with the professional participants from different countries was another important useful aspect of the trainings." (Turkey, Trainer of Child Development and Drama Departments)
"Personally, it was a tailor-made training for me as I am a teacher of Nutrition and Food Preparation. I could compare what and the others are doing at our schools. Seeing different ways of food preparation and approaches really added to my training sessions." (Turkey, Trainer of Nutrition and Food Preparation)
"Thank you very much for the opportunity to know more healthy recipies and for a help to update our kindergarten menu. We learned a lot. Thank you for the maintainance and seminars for parents, it really helped to understand and apply better menu and to develop thei runderstanding that education at home and food at home have to be related to things and activities which we promote in kindergarten. We would like to be involved in other similar projects as Healthedu." (Lithuania, nutritionist from kindergarten Šaltinėlis)


  • Feedback from administration staff:

"I am so satisfied by the participation of the children and the colleagues in this project. It was interesting and great fun to all of us and useful as well. We will definitely continue the activities after the end of the project." (Vice-headmaster, responsible for educational activities at kindergarten 40 "Detski svyat", Varna)

"That is a great and purposeful project that encouraged parents to think about healthy food and be involved in the educational process. The project strengthened the community ir order to pursue the same goal - to live healthy life style. We shared the good practice and gained experience from others. We are thankful for project coordinators for all given methodical material and support." (Lithuania, Vice-headmaster of education at Lentvaris Kindergarten "Šilas")

About Multiplier event: "It has been a very fruitful and professional event. Good debate between the speakers and the audience. Good explanation of the project and its results, very interesting. Very fruitful and educational tasting workshop." (Spain, Director of  Escola Les Carolines)

About Multiplier event: "I think it is very necessary to hold this type of events where important aspects such as education and health through food are discussed. The Healthedu project is very interesting, as well as its results and outcomes. The pediatrician has given a lot of useful and high quality information and it is very good. The catering is original and healthy, good demonstration." (Spain, director of Escuela Infantil La Alquería)

"It was so valuable experience for all our community, starting from padagogues and parents and seeing impact for our little ones - kids. We appreciate a lot for such opportunity and all the activities you suggested. Also we think that the book which we got is full of very interesting and involving material. We will share with our parents and we believe that with such knowledge we will achieve even more and the life will be improved and healthier." (Vice-principal, Kaunas Waldorf kindergarten "Šaltinėlis")

"Thank you for all the events you organized with our kids, all the efforts you put to improve the situation in our institution. This project is very important also because it involves also parents and they also get a lot of information. Good luck in the future activities and do not forget us in next projects." (Vice-director from Kaunas kindergarten-school "Šviesa").


  • Feedback from parents:

About Multiplier event: "I loved the event. A very dynamic and contractive debate where the results of the Healthedu project were informed to the audience. The catering and its explanation has been very instructive and the pediatrician's presentation as well. I would come back in case it was done again". (Spain, mother from Escuela 2)

"The project made impact on my 4 y.o. kid. It was great to see how she started to eat vegetables (after she came back from educational event which was in kindergarten), also she explained me a lot about importance to drink water and fostered the famility not to forget to drink it during teh day. Thank you very much for the efforts you put and events organized." (Lithuania, mother from Šaltinėlis kindergarten)

"Thanks to the project, I have learnt to cook healthy and very delicious cakes made of vegetables. Nobody could notice that these cakes are full of vegetables and everyone is saying: mmm... how tasty it is." (Lithuania)

"I learned a lot from the Methodical material book I read. It came the confirmation to my mind, how importance is to follow the same rules in educational institution and at home. I promise, I will learn more and healthy-friendly food will come more often on our table". (Lithuania, parents from Radviliškis kindergarten Žvaigždutė)

"You produced really great results and it is visible that they will find their place and part in educational institutions. E-book already found the place in our home. Thank you very much. I will share with people such great result". (Bulgaria, family from Kindergarten Sinchets)


  • Thanks to the Project team:
Dear Partners, Friends,

Seems that the time when we put all efforts to write the application, when we were waiting for the results if it will be approved was not so long ago... and the time when we met also seems was just several moments ago...

Everything starts and everything finishes... Each day has the morning and the evening... But in each week it is the next day after day... And I believe that we will gather all together again in a new project to continue HealthEDU works... The bunny's nature is to multiply a lot  and our dissemination showed that... :))) we multiplied the project a lot, spread our idea so wide and for so many institutions (teachers, parents, kids, other people), so many people were touched... I believe that soon the bunny will bring its offspring ;)

The most important for me is that we were together all the time as a team, as a big family... It is one of the most lovely projects I had and one of the best partnership which went together...

I say a BIG THANKS to each of you... and I say see you soon in the next projects...
Project coordinator, Vida