Project meetings

Project management

During the 1st partnership meeting, organized in Kaunas, Lithuania on 18-19, October, 2016, project’s partners met all together. Project activities, results and nearest deadlines were discussed. Also  partnership institutions reviewed the Dissemination Strategy, Quality and Evaluation Plan and agreed on them. Partners agreed to organize online meetings of project team time to time (ne per 3 months). This could ensure better communication and understanding of tasks divisions, responsibilities, communication, collaboration, work together.
As after each project meeting, also after this meeting evaluation was carried out by participants, as well aspects such as discussions, benefit of content, answers to questions, problems solving, etc. Evaluation forms were analysed by coordinating institution and results were provided during next meeting. (AGENDA)



Next time project partners met during short-term staff training event, which was organized in Florence, Italy, on the 15-20 th of May, 2017. (PROGRAMME)


During the 2nd meeting, organized in Valencia, Spain on 25-26th of January, 2018 project partners presented methodological material parts for which they were responsible (the parts, prepared by each team). The whole methodological material (parts prepared by project partners) was shared with project partners before the meeting to make them familiarize with all of the documents and make comments there. During the meeting, after each presentation, project partners shared their main points and discussed on the content of methodological material. Partners discussed the possibility to implement a non-formal program in each partner country. Every partner should follow the procedure and rules valid in their country. It was agreed that by the 1st of September programs should be developed, the earlier the better. Implementation of the program (piloting) has to be done during September but it would be good to test the program before, at least in some institutions and to be able to present it during the multiplier events. As well partners dedicated the time to discuss the impact of the project for its target groups, as well for us as partners, our institutions, etc., analysing the impact which could be seen taking each outcome in consideration. Impact+ tool was presented for partners and used as tool to foreseen and evaluate impact. Partners presented educational activities with beneficiaries made by each partner institution in the period May, 2017 – January, 2018). Partners shared pictures, feedback while organizing the activities and good practices. Partners discussed Management and administration issues. (AGENDA)


During the final (3rd meeting) project's meeting organized in Varna, Bulgaria on 12-13th of July, 2018, partners presented educational events, seminars, we improved methodological material parts and agreed on final version. Also we spoke about non-formal educational program to be developed and approved in each country. We discussed about evaluation process, about exploitation and sustainability. As the meeting was organised in the kindergarten, partners were involved in some activities with kids also. During the Multiplier event, which was organized the next day, we also shared our knowledge and read the presentations about the part which we wrote in the eBook. Shared our knowledge gained during the training. (AGENDA)