Project management

Partner institution: Florida centre de formacion sociedad cooperativa, Spain, Valencia
Name of Contact Person: Jose Paulo Costa
Date of the event: 2018-02-13
Type of Dissemination event:

Training Seminar

Held in:La Cañada
Target group:Parents and teachers
Number of people reached by event:20
Description of Dissemination Event:SEMINAR ON HEALTHY EATING IN ESCUELA 2 The association of mothers and fathers (AMPA) of the school Escuela 2 has organized a seminar on healthy eating in two sessions, one theoretical that took place on 13-2-18 and a practical one on the 20-2-18. The theoretical session began with an explanation of the Health Edu project in which Escuela 2 participates as a beneficiary center. The seminar was related to the presentation of the latest studies about healthy food. Those responsible for conducting the theoretical session were Rafa Adell as representative of the Health EDU project and the Sesa nut association as responsible for presenting the conference. On the other hand, the practical session was conducted by Maria Saiz (mother of three students of the school) who started with a small talk with practical advice on healthy eating followed by the cooking of four recipes that can be used on a daily basis and that are absolutely healthy and affordable for any neophyte in culinary themes: surprise vegan cookies, chia pudding with fruits and almond yogurt, falafel from Lebanon and oatmeal and lentils burger. These recipes were cooked in groups and each of the participants had the opportunity to taste all of them. Both sessions were very productive and interesting since they dealt with issues that directly affect the day to day of any family.
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