Project management

Partner institution: VšĮ „eMundus“, Lithuania, Kaunas
Name of Contact Person: Raminta Bogušienė
Date of the event: 2016-08-01
Type of Dissemination event:

Article on website

Held in:http://sveikataipalankus.lt/tarptautinis-mitybos-ugdymo-projektas/
Target group:parents, potencial parents, members from educational institutions, other website users
Number of people reached by event:300
Description of Dissemination Event:International project of nutrition education. Information about just financed international project, its tasks and aims.
Outcomes and Results:Informed people about planned research, activities and potential changes on children nutrition and its education theme.
Supporting Documents:

sveikataipalankus - tarptautinis mitybos ugdymo projektas.pdf