Project management

Partner institution: VšĮ „eMundus“, Lithuania, Kaunas
Name of Contact Person: Vida Drąsutė
Date of the event: 2018-11-21
Type of Dissemination event:

Held in:Kaunas
Target group:Teachers, administration stuff, dietists, cookers of Kindergartens and Primary Schools, parents
Number of people reached by event:40
Description of Dissemination Event:Final conference (multiplier event) of HealthEDU project was dedicated for teachers, administration stuff, dietists, cooks of kindergartens and primary schools, also parents of small children who are going to kindergartens, primary schools, to present the project idea, activities and all prepared material, project's results which are open to use for any institution or personal use. In the conference were lecturers who presented themes related to healthy nutrition and health. Among participants there were representatives from project's associated partners (kindergartens, primary schools), who shared their experience in the project, changes that they felt after project activities. This is the second multiplier events of HealthEDU project, which was held in another region of Lithuania in order to invite more people from different areas. This event was held in Kaunas (second biggest region on Lithuania).
Outcomes and Results:Multiplier event participants got information about project and it's results, the access of it, heard experiences of institutions who participated in the project. Most of participants shared their good experience in the event, gave attention to open resources of HealthEDU project results, got interested in future projects.
Supporting Documents: