Project management

Partner institution: Florida centre de formacion sociedad cooperativa, Spain, Valencia
Name of Contact Person: Eduardo Lazaro
Date of the event: 2019-01-29
Type of Dissemination event:

Held in:Florida Universitaria
Target group:University students of 4th grade and students of higher vocational education level
Number of people reached by event:400
Description of Dissemination Event:Florida University held a week-long career orientation event addressing international projects that are within the reach of future professionals. Through the one-day Be International fair, on 29th January 2019, Florida has offered conferences and workshops with experts, as well as a networking session with leading companies and experts in the field of globalization and the internationalization of their products. Along with these events, Florida has exposed to all participants throughout the day, the different European projects in which it is working, highlighting the HEALTHEDU project, which exposed brochures and gave relevant information to participants.
Outcomes and Results:Presentation of the HEALTHEDU project during an entire day of internationalization in which nearly 400 people participated. http://www.floridauniversitaria.es/es-ES/noticias/Paginas/Be-International-Explora-tus-oportunidades-.aspx
Supporting Documents: