Project management

Partner institution: VšĮ „eMundus“, Lithuania, Kaunas
Name of Contact Person: Raminta Bogušienė
Date of the event: 2016-08-07
Type of Dissemination event:

Article on website

Held in:http://www.suduvosgidas.lt/tarybinis-skonis-dar-gajus-vaiku-maitinime/
Target group:parents, potencial parents, members from educational institutions, other website users
Number of people reached by event:500
Description of Dissemination Event:The taste from Soviet times is still vital in children's nutrition. Perceptions of healthy food even between specialists from different generations. The article is about taste of nowadays healthy food.
Outcomes and Results:Extended amount of people who interested in children's nutrition
Supporting Documents:

suduvosgidas.lt - tarybinis skonis dar gajus.pdf