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VšĮ „eMundus“, Lithuania, Kaunas2018-11-22The post about final conference (multiplier event) of HealthEDU project on facebook. It introduces the project, gives information what was during the event (that associated partners shared their experience after project activities) and that all project results will be open for everybody on project website.
VšĮ „eMundus“, Lithuania, Kaunas2018-11-21Final conference (multiplier event) of HealthEDU project was dedicated for teachers, administration stuff, dietists, cooks of kindergartens and primary schools, also parents of small children who are going to kindergartens, primary schools, to present the project idea, activities and all prepared material, project's results which are open to use for any institution or personal use. In the conference were lecturers who presented themes related to healthy nutrition and health. Among participants there were representatives from project's associated partners (kindergartens, primary schools), who shared their experience in the project, changes that they felt after project activities. This is the second multiplier events of HealthEDU project, which was held in another region of Lithuania in order to invite more people from different areas. This event was held in Kaunas (second biggest region on Lithuania).
Kayseri Il Milli Egitim Mudurlugu, Turkey, Kayseri2018-11-20Post on facebook about the event held in the kindergarten and primary school students for their contributions to the "innovative education method development and application".Conference organized by Kayseri Provincial National Education Directorate.
VšĮ „eMundus“, Lithuania, Kaunas2018-11-18Invitation for teachers, administration stuff, dietists, cooks of Kindergartens and Primary Schools, parents of small children who are going to kindergarten or primary school, to participate in HealthEDU project multiplier event.
Foundation for development of the cultural BPOCS, Bulgaria, Sofia2018-11-17A bread making event was organized today at the Sofia Bread House for students from 30th Secondary school "Bratya Miladinovi" in Sofia. The children were brought to the bread house by their parents and spent the time there with their head-teacher Mrs. Starchikova. The event was organized within the framework of the HealthEDU project.
Foundation for development of the cultural BPOCS, Bulgaria, Sofia2018-11-17Post on facebook about the experience with children from 3rd grade from the secondary school of "Bratya Miladinovi" baking healthy bread together.
VšĮ „eMundus“, Lithuania, Kaunas2018-11-11The post about event in one of associated partners. Children got the lesson about table culture.
VšĮ „eMundus“, Lithuania, Kaunas2018-11-11Post of facebook about educational event on table culture.
VšĮ „eMundus“, Lithuania, Kaunas2018-11-09In Raseiniai Šaltinio School (Lithuania) Biology class some healthy nutrition activities were carried on due to Day of Action (School's event). Also European Healthy Nutrition Day was mentioned (November 8th). Together with children we divided and discussed food products which are healthy and which are not, why it is not good for our health and why it is not. With closed eyes children tasted food bites and tried to guess those. HealthEDU project material was very helpful for lesson preparation (slides and activities with descriptions). There were activities with 4 separated classes with average 30 children (three classes of 5th graders, one class - 6th graders).
Foundation for development of the cultural BPOCS, Bulgaria, Sofia2018-11-09Zornitsa Staneva visited the "Radost" kindergarten in Elin Pelin and spoke with the children and teachers from group "Kalinki" about the importance of healthy nutrition and healthy lifestyle. She also provided the teachers with the methodological material so that it can be used at the teachers' discretion and needs.